The Texas highways are filled with large trucks transporting goods to and from their destination. The safety of all drivers on the road depends on the truck drivers’ skill and attentiveness to their duties. The truckers and their employers owe a legal duty to every other driver on the road to minimize distractions while driving.

It is a fact of the job that a trucker will drive long stretches at a time to get where they are going in time. An unfortunate byproduct of this is that truckers will not stop to do things that might distract their attention. For example, they will often eat while driving. Their alertness might be preserved if they took some steps ahead of time to ensure that their eyes stay on the road. For example, they could unwrap their sandwich ahead of time or put the straw in their cup before they start the truck.

This type of thinking extends to everything that they may do behind the wheel. To the extent that a truck driver might do anything while operating their truck, they should try to do as much of it as they can beforehand. The same thinking extends to company management. They should foster and promote a culture of safety and not expect their drivers to do anything else behind the wheel but drive.

Unfortunately, not all truck drivers maintain safe practices while on the job. Those who are injured in a truck accident that was the result of the truck driver’s negligence may be entitled to compensation. A truck accidents attorney might help their injured client through the process that needs to be followed for them to receive payment for their injuries. The attorney could help the client file a claim and negotiate a settlement if it is possible.