Road rage incidents are not uncommon in Texas, so people need to know what they can do in order to defuse other drivers’ aggression. Moreover, they need to know how to defuse their own feelings of anger or impatience.

Every driver has a unique way of dealing with frustration; it could be, for example, listening to classical music. What drivers should make sure not to do is grip the steering wheel as this will constrict blood flow and cause a headache. Drivers can also think reasonable thoughts, such as how they won’t reach their destination sooner because of their anger or how a driver who took a parking spot from them may not have seen them.

In the event that they are the victims of another’s aggression, drivers should not make matters worse by making inflammatory gestures. Hand gestures, honking the horn, flashing the headlights and even making eye contact with the driver are dangerous.

If a bullying driver wants to go faster than them, motorists should not speed up or slow down but rather signal a lane change and carry it out as soon as it’s safe to do so. When in a traffic jam, others can become aggressive, so drivers are advised to keep plenty of “breathing room” between themselves and the vehicle in front.

Aggressive driving is an all too common factor in car accidents, and since it is a form of reckless conduct, it can be the basis of a personal injury claim. Victims whose degree of fault is less than the other’s may file their claim against that driver’s auto insurance provider. For help with this and other steps, victims may want to have a lawyer throughout the process.