Texas highways have a reputation for being wide-open spaces where people can effortlessly drive for hundreds of miles. However, this safety does not extend to the rural roads in the state. These roads are more dangerous than highways and city streets for a number of reasons.

Drivers do not often understand the dangers of rural roads. When they think that there are not other people around, they equate that with safety. However, this often causes motorists to travel at an excessive rate of speed and otherwise drive dangerously. They may also be more reckless because they believe that there are no police in the area. At the same time, many who drive on these roads are unfamiliar with the terrain and the hazards that are specific to the area. They might even be struggling to orient themselves to the area and learn the roads.

Rural roads can be narrow and twisty and generally difficult to drive. Further, drivers do not always have the road to themselves. They must share the surface with farm vehicles and even animals that wander onto the roadway. Finally, one factor that makes these roads even more dangerous is the fact that the remote location can make it difficult for medical help to arrive in time to treat the injured. The delay in paramedics reaching the scene can make the difference between life and death.

If one has been injured in an accident on a rural road with another vehicle, they may be entitled to substantial financial compensation if the accident was not their fault. This compensation can include pain and suffering, lost wages and other compensatory damages. One should contact a car accidents attorney to learn more about how they can file a claim for compensation with the insurance company or a lawsuit in court.