The vast majority of traffic accident lawsuits in Texas and around the country are brought by individuals who suffered injury, loss or damage in crashes involving two or more vehicles, but there are situations where motorists can take legal action following a single-car collision. Drivers involved in single-vehicle accidents are usually determined to have been at fault, but there are exceptions to this general rule. Single-vehicle accident lawsuits can also be filed against the driver who crashed by individuals who suffered property damage.

Motorists may have reason to sue when single-car crashes are caused by vehicle defects of some sort. In these situations, accident victims could file product liability lawsuits against automobile manufacturers or personal injury lawsuits against service facilities that botched repairs or used substandard parts. There are also situations where lawsuits may be filed against reckless drivers who caused an accident but did not actually crash themselves. Motorists may face this kind of lawsuit if they change lanes without warning or pull out unexpectedly. Pedestrians and cyclists can also be sued for acting unpredictably and causing an accident.

When accidents are caused by poorly maintained streets, missing signs or malfunctioning traffic signals, the motorists involved may file lawsuits against the government entity responsible for roadway maintenance. First responders can also be sued when police officers involved in pursuits or ambulances or fire engines responding to emergencies cause auto accidents.

Personal injury attorneys with experience in car accident lawsuits could advise individuals who suffered injuries or property damage in traffic collisions about their legal options. Attorneys could also check police accident reports to find out if any citations were handed out or charges filed as this could make establishing negligence and liability less challenging. When legal action is warranted, attorneys could seek compensation for their client’s lost income, medical bills, pain and suffering and property damage.