Motorcyclists in Texas should always wear safety gear along with bright colors on their helmets or jackets. Furthermore, new motorcyclists may want to take a basic rider course. Once this is taken care of, motorcyclists need to do one more thing: become familiar with all the ways they might get into an accident.

Cars turning left in front of them

Perhaps the most common scenario for a motorcycle crash is for a car to turn left in front of the motorcyclist. When approaching a stopped car, look for any signs that the car might move, starting with the direction the wheels are pointing. Another warning sign is a gap in traffic at an intersection, driveway or parking area. As a side note, motorcyclists should not pass between active traffic and parked cars as they may come face-to-face with a car door.

Turning too fast and running over gravel

Sharp curves present several challenges. First, motorcyclists may make the mistake of navigating them too fast, but this can be averted if they simply watch for indications that the road will turn. Telephone poles and signs are good indicators. Second, motorcyclists may wipe out on patches of gravel, sand or foliage. They should enter a corner wide and enter it slowly, speeding up on the way out.

A lawyer for injured motorcyclists

These are just a few scenarios. Many motorcycle accidents involve nothing more and nothing less than the negligence of a passenger vehicle driver. It could be that the driver who injured you was drowsy, distracted or drunk. Whatever your situation, you undoubtedly want that driver’s insurance company to reimburse you for your medical treatments and lost wages. You may retain legal counsel, then, and have the lawyer handle every step of the filing process.