A recent study has revealed that speeding is the top cause of automobile accidents. The study reviewed four dangerous driving habits: speeding, accelerating too quickly, sharply turning corners and braking at the last minute. Of the four, speeding was identified as the behavior that was most likely to cause an accident. While the results aren’t surprising, a professor at the university that conducted the study says that this gives researchers hard data to work with rather than intuition.

To collect the data, researchers installed devices in clients’ vehicles that monitored their driving behaviors. The habits of people who got into car crashes were compared with control cases. Researchers noted that speed was the top factor in the accidents. However, one of the professors said that more research is still needed on the subject.

Now that they have hard evidence to support their claims, researchers are hoping that this study will encourage people to stop speeding and adopt safer driving habits. One researcher said that this could also have an impact on the insurance industry, which could base people’s premiums off their driving habits instead of their age or other factors. Researchers are hopeful that this information will open people’s eyes to the risks they’re taking on the road.

Steps to take after an automobile accident

An auto accident can result in severe injury or even death with medical bills left behind for the survivors. Shortly after an accident has taken place, an individual may want to speak with a lawyer. An attorney may evaluate the situation and help his or her client determine the best way to proceed.

If the individual was not at fault, a lawyer may be able to help him or her negotiate a fair settlement from the other party. If the client was at fault, an attorney may help him or her navigate the complicated legal process.