Texas drivers who are interested in improving their safety on the road are no doubt familiar with advanced driver-assistance systems. They may have also heard about how some cities are redesigning areas with a high car-crash risk and implementing other measures with a Vision Zero model in mind. All of these measures and all of this new technology have, in recent years, impacted the number of crash injuries and fatalities.

NSC on the fatality numbers in 2019

Though there is clearly much work to be done, the fact is that the number of car crash fatalities nationwide has gone down for two consecutive years. In a preliminary report on 2019, the National Safety Council estimates that 38,800 people died in car crashes. This is 2% fewer than in 2018 and 4% fewer than in 2017. Around 4.4 million people sought medical attention for crash injuries that year: another 2% decline from 2018.

Some states saw more of an improvement than others. For instance, Vermont and New Hampshire saw a respective decrease of 31% and 30% in crash fatalities whereas Maine and Wyoming saw a 35% and 32% increase in them.

How drivers can improve safety

Besides using ADAS, individual drivers can keep the numbers down by avoiding negligent behavior: for instance, drowsy, drunk and distracted driving. Parents are encouraged to stay familiar with teens’ driving habits.

A lawyer for accident victims

Victims of car accidents may be left dealing with catastrophic injuries that have kept them from work. Whatever the nature of your own injuries, you can seek compensation for them as long as the other driver is most to blame. A lawyer may help you file your claim against the other side’s insurance company and negotiate for a reasonable settlement. If all else fails, you and the lawyer may discuss litigation.