While cars and motorcycles tend to drive side-by-side in Texas, motorcyclists have a much higher risk of dying in a car accident. Studies have shown that motorcyclist fatalities are as much as 26 times higher than passenger vehicle fatalities. Unlike vehicles, which are constantly upgraded with new safety features, motorcycles often leave their drivers vulnerable to death and injury.

Why are motorcycles more dangerous than vehicles?

Motorcyclists are typically more vulnerable in auto accidents because they don’t have the structure of a vehicle to protect them. Motorcycles are also smaller than cars, which means it’s much easier for a motorcycle to hide in a driver’s blind spot. Countless accidents have occurred because a driver accidentally collided with a motorcycle while trying to switch lanes.

Additionally, while vehicles are constantly receiving new safety upgrades, motorcycles haven’t received much in the way of innovation. Newer models of motorcycles are typically just as risky as the models that were produced years prior. Unlike vehicles, it’s not feasible to add rear-view cameras, warnings and various sensors to a motorcycle.

Motorcyclists can also make themselves more vulnerable if they don’t wear the correct safety gear. Wearing a helmet can mean the difference between surviving an accident and dying on the scene. Motorcyclists should be aware of the dangers and take safety precautions while they’re out on the road.

Can an attorney help people who have suffered from motorcycle accidents?

Motorcycle accidents can be catastrophic. In a split second, a person might suffer from life-altering injuries, end up permanently disabled or lose a loved one. An attorney may be able to help victims seek compensation after the accident. The attorney might document the physical, emotional and financial damages that a victim suffered and get in touch with the other driver’s insurance company to negotiate a settlement.