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Were you assaulted in your apartment or injured by someone trespassing on apartment property? Did you believe you were safe but regrettably deceived about the security in your building or a building you visited? Do you have lost time from work or medical bills? Do you believe property owners could have done something to stop your assault and injuries? If so, we urge you to call us at Calhoun Meredith and speak with a Houston apartment complex violence lawyer to explore your legal options.

Not all law firms handle apartment crime cases. Even several personal injury attorneys don’t take on such claims. Therefore, it’s advisable to pick a Houston, Texas law firm with an extensive history in negligent security law. The legal team at Calhoun Meredith has a history of fighting on behalf of apartment violent crime victims. It’s an honor for us to help you steer your legal situation.

The complications with violence against a woman cases are that a jury or judge must decide what safety hazards or dangers might have been anticipated and avoided by those responsible for the security of the apartment building in question. The interpretation of the law is significantly vague and vastly dependent on the events of the situation. For this reason, you should have a knowledgeable Houston apartment crime lawyer on your side who is capable of investigating and exploring any crime incident from every angle.

Innocent people become victims because they presume that all property owners and landlords are responsible individuals who take significant steps to avert predictable violent crime. They believe that a police officer will patrol an apartment building if necessary. Sadly, that isn’t always the case.

Apartment violent crimes, including domestic violence, are increasing daily in Houston, Texas. When the local police and the Harris County Sheriff's department fall short, victims, like those in a domestic violence situation, might have more success in recuperating their losses by getting an attorney. We represent residents in Houston, TX, who’ve endured considerable losses due to negligence and crime of apartment management owners and businesses. To talk over your case with our Houston, TX apartment violent crime attorney, get in touch with us today.

Criminal Activity in Apartment Complexes

Apartment complexes can be a lure for offenders since they provide numerous possible victims within a small area, making it quicker and more effective for robbing a considerable number of people. When encountered, these offenders are usually violent, and victims might be at serious risk for a severe or fatal physical attack. Our Houston apartment violent crime lawyer is familiar with all these situations. The usual criminal activities in apartment complexes are the following:

  • Burglary or robbery - This might happen when residents of an apartment are home. Criminals steal their belongings from them in their presence at gunpoint or while they and their loved ones are sleeping.
  • Rape - This could occur before or after a robbery. Rape victims are not just females.
  • Homicide - If threatened or confronted, a criminal might kill the victims. Though, they might kill the victims regardless.
  • Drug use, purchase, distribution, and possession - Drug addicts and theft go hand in hand. A typical downward spiral starts when a person becomes addicted to drugs and can’t remain employed. Giving in to their addiction, they lose their job then start stealing to pay for drugs.

Apartment Complex Crimes in Harris County, TX

As an apartment violence crime attorney Harris County trusts, we usually discover that the big out-of-town businesses own and manage apartment complexes in high crime communities. They do vastly little or nothing to safeguard their residents living in their properties. The reason for this is straightforward: spending money on reliable security upsets the bottom line.

As a Houston apartment crime attorney, our legal professionals have significant experience fighting passionately and getting justice for violent crime victims injured because of a violent crime.. Our dedication to fighting for crime victims is second to none.

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Unsafe Apartment Complexes

Statistics note that over 1 million women are violent crime victims every yearBesides shootings, typical acts of violence that happen at unsafe apartment complexes include:

  • Carjacking
  • Armed robbery
  • Car thefts
  • Sexual assault and rape
  • Murder and death
  • Automobile break-ins
  • Stabbings
  • Apartment shooting
  • Forced entry break-ins
  • Robbery
  • Assaults

Criminals who prey on occupants at apartment complexes take advantage of inadequate or no security. A burned-out light bulb could turn a stairwell or hallway into the ideal chance for a criminal. An unfenced property or parking lot with no lights could help both the getting in and getting away from a criminal.

Faulty locks on windows and doors could let robbers break into an apartment, showing little or no trace of how they got into the residence. The lack of surveillance cameras and security guards could encourage violent situations and eliminate any worry of getting caught.

Serious violent injuries are life-altering. Victims suffer from missing work, medical bills, losing a job, falling behind on bills, difficulty maintaining relationships, and losing an apartment. Dealing with the aftermath of a violent crime in your apartment is hard. Attorneys can’t turn back time. However, the right lawyer could help you fight for the compensation you deserve to help you move forward with your life.

How an Apartment Complex Violence Lawyer Can Help

You don’t want to have a general practice firm or a legal advocate who primarily handles real estate law, for instance, and dabbles in this area. Instead, you need an attorney who possesses the experience, resilience, and skills in their ability to get to outside resources, such as security professionals. When you work with an expert Houston apartment complex violence lawyer, you could feel peace of mind in realizing your lawyer has connections with external experts who might be able to boost the strength of your lawsuit.

To better explain how an experienced Houston apartment crime lawyer can help you as your lawsuit proceeds, let’s use a case of a security guard at the entrance of an apartment building complex. Some building owners assume that since they have a security guard in place, they have met all legal requirements and won’t be held responsible in the event of a violent attack. This idea isn’t inevitably accurate. Our attorneys might investigate:

  • If all security procedures are in place
  • If there were any security policies
  • The requirements and training of the security guards and firm
  • The condition of the security equipment
  • The accurate execution of a security plan

Hire Our Houston Apartment Complex Violence Lawyer

If you've been a crime victim in your apartment, calling an experienced apartment complex violence lawyer should be among your first steps to take.

No law firm in Houston or the state of Texas has more knowledge in representing apartment shooting victims than Calhoun Meredith. Our firm has been representing apartment violent crime victims for decades. Unlike other Houston law firms, representing victims is all we do. As our results show, our attorneys are excellent at what they do.

We’ve provided legal assistance to a vast number of victims throughout Texas. Our lawyers help them file lawsuits as a result of assaults, shootings, homicides, robberies, car thefts, and other violent crimes happening at apartment complexes or other buildings with poor security. 

If you or someone you love was the victim of a violent apartment crime, call our office today to schedule a consultation.

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