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A Serious Injury Requires Serious Legal Counsel

Calhoun Meredith is the Houston Catastrophic Injury Lawyer that you are looking for.

Serious car accidents, truck accidents, fall injuries and other traumatic events are life-changing for those who suffer as a result. If you have experienced a catastrophic injury in a major accident, you and your family have a tough road ahead.

We are ready to help you find renewed hope through our innovative approach to personal injury advocacy. Our law firm considers it a privilege and a duty to help those who have been seriously injured.

First: We Understand Your Challenges

Our in-depth knowledge of personal injury law and our work with previous clients have prepared us to be your strong advocates as you recover from catastrophic injuries like the following:

  • Spine injuries cause quadriplegia or paraplegia (paralysis).
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI), also called head injury.
  • Amputation.
  • Burns or other injuries resulting in disfigurement and/or deep tissue damage.

We understand the difficulties you may face, possibly including:

houston catastrophic injury lawyer
  • Intensive initial medical treatment, which may include a lengthy hospitalization and surgery.
  • Ongoing therapy and rehabilitation that may make your friends and family call you “courageous,” when you never wanted to be a hero.
  • Remodeling or other ways of preparing your home environment for your return.
  • Preparation of adaptive items such as a van, durable medical equipment like a lift to use at home, rebuilding of kitchen counters to a specified height and/or computer technology to aid with communication.
  • Finding and funding personal care attendants as necessary.

On top of all the logistics involved with recovery after a catastrophic injury, you and possibly your spouse or other close family members may realize you need psychological therapy, as well, as you cope with great changes and loss.

Houston Catastrophic Injury Lawyers Are Ready To Fight For The Compensation You Need

Preparing a successful catastrophic injury claim or lawsuit is complex and requires careful analysis. If our attorneys represent you after a serious car accident or any accident resulting in a spine injury, a brain injury or any serious injury, we will work hard to ensure that all your losses are accounted for.

We can visit your home or hospital if necessary to explain how we can help. To schedule a consultation, call us or contact us online. We are eager to get to work on your case.

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