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Entertainers: We Are Ready To Be Your Trusted Lawyers

The legal landscape for artists, actors and other types of entertainers is ripe for opportunities as well as challenges as you seek to improve self-direction and profitability.

Whether you are a singer, dancer, visual artist, comedian, author or any other type of artist or entertainer, your goals are likely focused on your creativity and increasing exposure among potential fans.

As experienced entertainment law attorneys, we admire and applaud your spirit of enterprise. The fact that you have arrived at this web page likely means you understand the importance and value of legal counsel in your artistic ventures. Perhaps you are an athlete preparing to go pro, with entertainment activities included in your anticipated career path.

Whatever your artistic direction, we welcome your inquiry at Calhoun Meredith, regarding:

  • Contract negotiation
  • Performance agreements
  • Recording agreements
  • Publishing contracts
  • Licenses
  • Copyrights, trademarks and patents
  • Business start-up and operations, including for side businesses
  • Prevention and resolution of legal disputes involving:
    • Fellow performers
    • Agents
    • Venue owners
    • Promoters
    • Other entities related to your artistic ventures
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360-Degree Representation For Creative Individuals And Groups

Our team of attorneys has the qualities you are looking for in advocates to rely on: We are young, energetic, well-prepared and innovative. If you work with us, we are confident you will always know we are on your side.

The trust element applies in all aspects of legal services we deliver, including fees and billing. Transparency is our policy. We are consistently client-centered as we zero in on our entertainer clients’ true needs and goals.

We are interested above all in delivering value while supporting your creative ventures if you become our client. We want to help:

  • Protect your intellectual property
  • Position you for ongoing growth and success
  • Keep you in compliance with government-related regulations and requirements
  • Facilitate constructive dealings with all people and legal entities that you interface with as you pursue your dreams as an entertainer

We consider our legal counsel successful when our entertainer clients are able to stay focused on creative work while we take care of legal matters.

Request A Consultation With An Innovative, Dynamic Entertainment Lawyer

We are eager to hear about your entertainment business plans and associated legal needs. Let us explain how we can bring clarity and direction in all things legal related to your creative ventures. Call us or contact us online today!

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