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Representing Government Bodies And People And Businesses Dealing With Government

Experience is key when it comes to guiding people and organizations through legal interactions they have with government entities and vice versa. Calhoun, Meredith, and Sims, PLLC, has that experience and applies it skillfully to addressing legal matters our clients seek help with, including:

For individuals, interest groups and businesses:

  • Navigation of bureaucratic necessities such as applying for permits, petitioning for zoning variations and more
  • Regulatory compliance and defense
  • Drafting and revising documents intended for government-related purposes
  • Lobbying: Developing strategies, drafting plans and influencing policymakers for constituents’ sake

For government bodies:

Government Relations Lawyer stands outside courthouse in Houston
  • Contracts: Drafting, creating, negotiating, finalizing and administering agreements between cities and other government entities, individuals or businesses
  • Transactions: Purchase and sale of public property, for example

In any government-facing legal issue, our Houston lawyers offer clear direction and efficient resolution. We aim to simplify processes while facilitating achievement of our clients’ goals. Educating clients as needed is a core feature of our legal services.

What Makes Our Law Firm Stand Out In Government Matters

Our attorneys are nimble, resourceful, and innovative in legal representation for clients on either side of government matters. We know the ropes and make it our business to streamline processes whenever possible in our clients’ best interests.

Regardless of the issue or motivation that brings a client to our firm, we stress that it is important to know that a government entity is not a person. On the contrary, governments exist by and for the people.

Forms, procedures, rules and regulations may seem to dictate many interactions between people and government bureaucratic bodies or legislative bodies. However, a knowledgeable attorney can keep the human element alive. When this means persevering despite obstacles or discovering alternative pathways to success, we are up to the job.

Let us hear about your objectives in government interactions on either side of the equation and explain how we can help. Call Calhoun, Meredith, & Sims or contact us online to schedule a FREE consultation.

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