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The impact of head-on collisions is highly momentous. Many head-on collision accidents in Houston have resulted in deaths (18 percent of cases proved fatal), and that’s because the combined momentum of both vehicles can deliver a bone-shattering force on those seated inside. If you get caught in one of these accidents, you need to consult an experienced Houston head-on collision lawyer.

These forms of car accidents are not as rare as you may assume. Head-on collisions happen quite frequently, and although they are not always fatal, they have caused their fair share of deaths. Being involved in a head-on collision, especially if it is not your fault, can be deeply traumatic.

Even minor accidents can leave you in great agony and cause serious property damage. Victims are often left trying to figure out how to file a personal injury claim with the insurance company.

Liability auto insurance policies aren't always enough to cover the losses in these types of crashes. We are here to give you the legal options as accident victims after a car crash. A Texas personal injury lawsuit could take weeks, but we make sure you see compensation for your medical care.

If you were involved in a head-on collision or lost someone to such an accident, you can seek fair financial compensation for your losses through a personal injury lawsuit, and a competent Houston head-on collision lawyer can make all the difference in your claim.

Why Do Head-On Collision Accidents Happen In Houston, Texas?

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Head-on collisions are common on Texas highways, especially when cars cross the median in an attempt to overtake the vehicle in front of them, only to collide with an oncoming car or truck. The same is possible if someone violates a one-way lane, either intentionally or unintentionally.

In Houston, head-on collisions are possible on intersections where drivers often fail to stop in time when the traffic lights turn red (as they were over-speeding to avoid stopping in the first place).

In all of these scenarios, one thing is common: head-on collisions almost always result due to violation of traffic laws. Thus, the at-fault driver will be the one that violates those laws, resulting in an accident.

The common causes for head-on collisions in Houston have been reported as:

  • Drunk driving, intoxicated drivers, or driving under the influence (of drugs) is one of the leading causes of such accidents, especially at intersections. Drunk driving accidents can result in fatalities and result in thousands of dollars in settlements. Even the drivers who are at fault may end up in need of medical care for spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, and other types of injuries because they were distracted driving which resulted in a crash. Depending on their insurance coverage, they may not have coverage on themselves.
  • Another leading cause of Texas personal injury litigation is distracted driving, where the distracted driver is busy texting on a cell phone or eating or inattentive otherwise, leading to catastrophe. The phone records of smartphones can be subpoenaed by accident law firms which may be used in accident claims. This may be the evidence needed in settlement negotiations and result in substantial financial recovery.
  • The daylight saving time often costs people an hour of their sleep, causing many to feel drowsy at the wheel, resulting in fatal accidents resulting in a personal injury lawsuit. Driving a vehicle in Texas requires alertness, especially with the terrain and the traffic patterns. The police report should help determine if drowsy driving was a factor.
  • Aggressive driving is another notable cause of head-on crashes in Texas. Reckless driving behaviors often cause many types of collisions, including rear-end collisions. 
  • Some people deliberately violate the law in a vehicle for no other reason than to be a reckless driver, believing that they are above the law. Speeding is reckless driving behavior that a police report may indicate, which can be used for insurance claims.
  • In some cases, the driver may simply lose control of the vehicle due to technical issues like a blown tire. You are still entitled to compensation in this type of crash. The company that made the tire may be responsible for damages if it was defective.
car with blown tire

If you were involved in a head-on accident, your demand for financial reimbursement is justified. You’ll have to gather all evidence, speak to witnesses and seek their cooperation, and then try to settle a fair compensation in a personal injury lawsuit with the at-fault party’s insurance company. 

However, if things go south with the settlement efforts, you can always step out and seek the aid of experienced car accident attorneys. Our clients get help through the entire process from our experienced legal firm. We make sure that if you have questions we give you the answers that keep you informed, even during the trial. Your Houston personal injury lawsuit will be handled by the most experienced attorney in our firm.

Types Of Injuries Incurred By Head-On Collisions In Houston, Texas

The damages sustained by head-on collision victims include both economic and non-economic losses. In Houston, severe accidents have proven fatal (at a speed of 43 mph), resulting in the wrongful death of many people – in such a case, the deceased's family can sue the responsible party for their negligence claim, including burial costs.

Common injuries sustained include whiplash, lacerations, and soft tissue injury. Severe injuries including serious brain trauma (traumatic brain injury), blows to the spine (spinal cord injuries), neck injuries, herniation, bruises, cuts, soft tissue injuries, fractures in bones, and internal injuries and organ damages are some of the possible outcomes for victims in a head-on accident. Many whiplash, abdominal injuries, head injuries, and secondary injuries are the cause of airbags deploying in auto collisions. A crash victim in Houston, Texas will need to make an insurance claim against the at-fault driver.

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Things can worsen to amputations, disfiguration, and even paralysis. Catastrophic injuries are the types of injuries that personal injury attorneys encounter most often in Houston, Texas. Physical recovery in these situations can create a great deal of hardship for families and insurance often leaves them with no direction to go in. Your crash lawyer will see to it that your needs are addressed at every stage of the settlement and legal process.

Minor cases also involve agonizing injuries and long-term damage to the body. Traumatic injuries don't have to be physical injuries, they can also result in emotional trauma for injury victims. Anxiety or PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) is always a possibility after an accident caused by negligent drivers.. An auto accident attorney seeks the money to help families rebuild after any type of collision.

But in most cases, the property damage component (in the form of vehicle repairs cost) is just as overwhelming. Having a vehicle that is out of commission can create even more hardship, especially for accident victims waiting on the insurance company payout.

Financial Compensation For Houston Head-On Collision Damages

The traumatic injuries sustained by any head-on collision clients demand fair insurance compensation for their losses. Not only do traumatic accident injuries pose mounting economic pressure on people but they also leave them with agonizing pain in the process. Not to mention the emotional toll of losing loved ones to fatal car accidents.

The following account for financial reimbursement from the at-fault party’s insurance provider:

  • All medical expenses that you need to claim due to the accident including bills for medicine, surgery, physical therapy, psychiatric counseling, and so on. Many of the covered expenses will depend on the type of coverage the party responsible had (or if they have insurance policies at all).
  • Any loss of income due to the inability to go to work after a crash. Wages are a form of economic damages that accident victims often seek from insurance companies.
  • All out of pocket expenses rendered necessary (but not needed otherwise) by the accident and negligence. Physical injury can be a form of traumatic injury, in which immediate emergency care is required.
  • Expenses for long-term caretaking and recovery requirements. Experts may be brought in to attest to the mental anguish, ongoing medical care, and debilitating depression an accident victim has sustained, which may be required by insurance. The judge and jury often review these types of statements when ruling on settlement amounts from insurance company coverage.
  • Compensation for suffering a loss of joy of life, i.e. at having lost a loved one. In this situation, families may seek out wrongful death damages from the insurance company and additional compensation for loss of consortium.

The insurance company will often use even the slightest technicalities to refuse to pay you as much as you need (on average, the settlement is $30,000). The best way to secure your rightful compensation is to always involve your personal injury lawyer in the matter. The level of payout will depend on the agreement you make, the out of pocket costs, and other information gathered from your lawyer's accident investigation. When the claims adjusters don't want to cooperate, your vehicle crash attorneys will go to trial for a judgment on the insurance claim.

You can't always assume that the at-fault driver has the correct amount of insurance coverage, which will require you to find an experienced auto accident lawyer. The adjusters will also try to introduce discovery that might weaken the evidence brought forward by your Houston head-on collision lawyer. Witnesses of a wreck are the best type of way to ensure that the truth is brought out and that justice is served in terms of payment.

We Help Texas Head-On Collision Victims

We, at Calhoun Meredith have time and again helped our Texas clients secure maximum compensations for their injuries and losses. Our team of lawyers is more than ready to face any legal challenge on your behalf against the at-fault driver, even if that means taking matters to a court of law with a civil lawsuit.

Don’t hesitate to call our office, consultation sessions are free. We handle the process of a personal injury claim making it easy to collect after head-on car accidents for our clients and their families.

We understand how important it is to know your options for compensation, which is why we see you through the insurance process. We use all the information from traffic accidents to ensure you get more than an inadequate settlement. We look over the accident report, doctor statements, medical records, your lost wages, and all the other factors that may be required for a personal injury trial.

You also don’t have to worry about not having enough to pay our lawyers, because we work on a contingency basis, we’ll only ask for our payment when you’ve got yours! For a case evaluation, don't hesitate to call and find out your options. You have questions, and we have the answers and advice you need to handle the insurance adjusters.

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