Calhoun Meredith offers free consultations for those who were injured or lost a loved one during Travis Scott's concert at Astroworld. Contact us immediately to discuss your injury or loss.
Leah V.
01:20 08 Mar 23
These guys will fight for you. Thank you Shane. (DWI case) no time.
Stanley A.
07:23 18 Jan 23
Mr.Calhoun from day one meeting him genuine guy enlightened me on what should be done, exchange information also his staff kept communication as needed Ruth Lopez made sure everything that was needed was taken care of.. Thanks Again
April G.
23:29 20 Dec 22
J'Son R
23:15 07 Dec 22
Terrance M.
20:33 19 Sep 22
Man ,I just wanna thank God for pointing me in the direction of Tre Meredith in which who represents me as my lawyer (Not guilty)... 🙏 Not guilty was the verdict of a three counts of agg assault on family member.. facing 5 to 99 with my record on hand.... Not anymore I'm a free man and I'm proud to say that I was represented by Trey Meredith and his law firm thank you very much man, me and my family thank you very much!!!💯
Elibaldo M.
03:25 15 Sep 22
Great Attorney! I’ve.been rear ended twice and they really know how to treat a client . Especially Rut L she did a great job in handling my case . Best attorney If you ask me . Recommended to anyone!!!
Hill H.
04:48 15 Nov 21
Hippie Cleaning S.
19:31 04 Jun 21
God has his angels here on earth and this firm is one of his angels that’s helping the world!
Danelle D.
00:16 23 Jan 21
Tre Meredith is the best!
Glynn B.
22:42 22 Jan 21
Thurman Sims J.
14:11 22 Jan 21
Edward I.
00:33 22 Jan 21
Great law firm. The staff is very knowledgeable and experienced in their field. I highly recommend them if you’re seeking legal counsel.
Pierre D
00:28 22 Jan 21
The best in the industry hands down!! They handle all my legal needs!
Nicole B.
00:18 22 Jan 21
Great law firm. Love the staff!! Very knowledgeable and experienced in their field. Very Kind , Very Professional, When going in not knowing who to trust, The whole team ensures you that you are in great hands that’s what I loved the most. I high recommend them if you’re seeking legal counsel. If I could give 10 Stars I totally would.
Tee R.
00:12 22 Jan 21
Johnnie Cochran is dead but I think he was reincarnated in Attorney Tre Meredith. He won my case which didn’t look good!
Shawntiara D.
00:09 22 Jan 21
Mr. Meredith was everything I’d imagine would be in a lawyer. Professional, Savvy, and a Winner...He’s a bulldog in the court room. Everyone who meets him is in for a treat!
Jacqui D.
00:04 22 Jan 21
Simply the best firm I've ever hired. Attorney Meredith was amazing!
Christine C.
23:19 21 Jan 21
yemi A.
14:03 21 Jan 21
Roman J.
13:37 21 Jan 21
Remyi F.
12:15 21 Jan 21
Ashton Taylor S.
07:16 21 Jan 21
Brian L.
05:05 21 Jan 21
Knowledgeable staff who has a genuine care for its clients.
Jermarcus N.
04:50 21 Jan 21
Excellent service and communication throughout my legal situation. Thank you Attorney Meredith for all your help.
Jeremy C.
04:17 21 Jan 21
Cameron W.
04:03 21 Jan 21
Immediate response and reliable information. Appreciate the attentiveness shown to my files and will continue to refer colleagues to this establishment. Thank you
Ghost L.
03:58 21 Jan 21
This team is the definition of quality results. Professional, punctual, caring, and most of a attentive to the fine details. I have only good merits to place on the services they provided for my family and I. I pray everyone there a awesome 2021 year and continued success!
03:54 21 Jan 21
Great firm, always put clients first
Sky C.
03:53 21 Jan 21
Dorsey P.
03:41 21 Jan 21
Anthony M.
03:10 21 Jan 21
Calhoun, Meredith & Sims firm did an amazing job for me when I was injured in a vehicle accident. They’re extremely professional and patient when I had questions about the legalities of my situation. They helped me clearly understand the legal process of what it took to get me what I was entitled to. I highly recommend their you use there services.
Shane S.
02:25 21 Jan 21
The lawyers at Calhoun, Meredith and Sims take the necessary steps to carefully handle your legal needs from personal injury to criminal defense!
Jay M.
01:43 21 Jan 21
William R.
01:34 21 Jan 21
Omoniyi O.
01:32 21 Jan 21
I received a citation while I was in Houston that I wanted to make sure didn’t impact me negatively for various reasons. Attorney Tre Meredith made sure that did not happen. He advocated on my behalf and ultimately got my citation dismissed. Any time I needed to speak with him regarding an update, he made himself available, even if it was for a couple of minutes. Based on my experience, I would trust him and his partners with any potential legal matter in the future.
Nnamelu A.
01:27 21 Jan 21
Bjornrae K.
01:25 21 Jan 21
Samuel Adeseye, O.
01:24 21 Jan 21
Kiara P.
01:23 21 Jan 21
If your looking for great professionalism and honest lawyers this is definitely the law firm for you!
Anthony B.
01:20 21 Jan 21
The true measure of a great law firm is defined by competency, professionalism, and a desire to serve their clients. When you have a legal issue rather it be criminal or civil this is a firm you can rely on to assist you in working hard on your behalf.
Dantell C.
01:17 21 Jan 21
Prompt. Professional. Polite. Not often do you feel that a professional actually cares about you as a client, but these gentlemen definitely do. Went above and beyond, and exceeded expectations. I am more than happy with the outcome. Recommended!
Eric D.
01:12 21 Jan 21
Great service. Handled my case like professionals. Kept me informed every step of the way and made me feel like a client, not a paycheck!
Natoshia C.
00:54 21 Jan 21
00:45 21 Jan 21
Tre Meredith, was a beacon of hope to my family when our options appeared limited. I am eternally grateful for his service. I hereby recommend this firm without reservation.
Brittany K.
23:59 20 Jan 21
Broderick C.
23:53 20 Jan 21
phil G.
23:36 20 Jan 21
Teresa C.
23:34 20 Jan 21
Demetrius A.
23:33 20 Jan 21
Linda C.
23:27 20 Jan 21
Caress C.
23:23 20 Jan 21
Karen C.
23:03 20 Jan 21
Willie S.
22:57 20 Jan 21
Excellent, quality professional service. This law firm has stood by me through my trying times. Their fast and swift actions I believe would be hard to matched by any great law firm. Nothing but appreciation from me.
Sierra B.
22:52 20 Jan 21
Jasline C.
22:41 20 Jan 21
Brian C.
22:40 20 Jan 21
02:07 04 Oct 20
Beauty Da Creole D.
16:34 28 Aug 20
Devra C.
16:10 26 Sep 19
Mark S.
20:28 07 Aug 19
I've been wanting to sue a guy who owed me money for a while. The process seemed so cumbersome I have been putting it off. Tre made the process so simple and easy and I'm excited to be working with him. I will update the case.
Lester L.
15:54 08 Jan 19
Great law firm!
08:37 27 Dec 18
Cristen A.
05:15 02 Dec 18
Meshone A.
19:45 30 Nov 18
Brandon T.
16:15 30 Nov 18
I really enjoyed my interaction with Mr. Meredith. He is very knowledgeable and helpful. I know he is busy with many clients but his firm always make me feel like Im the only client they have.
Michael H.
02:09 30 Nov 18
Great firm that provided an exceptional experience. They made me feel comfortable and explained the law to where I could understand.
Brian H.
02:03 30 Nov 18
I would highly recommend this firm to anyone seeking legal representation that is fair, honest and will keep your best interest and unique needs at the forefront.
Michael S.
01:46 30 Nov 18
Amazing firm, very professional, attentive, and reliable. I would definitely consult again if needed.
Ramon S.
00:56 30 Nov 18
I’ve received consultation from Attorney Meredith on numerous occasions and would recommend his counsel to all of whom I care about. Great firm that cares about their clients. Highly recommend!!!!!
Le'Andra J.
23:29 29 Nov 18
Kylon C.
22:58 29 Nov 18
Raven T.
21:36 29 Nov 18
Whatabarber B.
21:02 29 Nov 18
Mal A.
20:49 29 Nov 18
Outstanding professional service delivered
Haydarus H.
18:01 29 Nov 18
Amazing and professional services. Received consultation from Treshaun Meridith on multiple occasions. Provides honest insight with integrity. Pleasure to work with.
D'angelo C.
17:38 29 Nov 18
Amazing attorneys who always put their clients first!
Larry Ferguson J.
15:02 29 Nov 18
Great firm and continuously working, whether 3am or 3pm attorney Meredith was able to assist. Thank you
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