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Dog Attacks in Houston are common. If we review the stats from three years back, an estimated 4.5 million dog bites were recorded in the U.S. A large number of these bites required medical attention. Children are highly vulnerable to dog bites based on various factors.

Firstly, they get severely injured and require immediate healthcare assistance. Secondly, the trauma of the incident makes it challenging to recover from it. Before you seek assistance from a personal injury attorney in Houston, let us guide you on your legal rights after your child had been in Dog Attacks in Houston accident.

If a dog attacks your child, you may call emergency services immediately to receive the required medical attention. You may also contact the police to report the incident as it happened. Once the police arrive and ask questions, they can guide you on seeking legal representation before taking any action. Here’s what you should know.

Medical Expenses

If your child gets attacked by a dog, they can get medical compensation from the dog owner’s insurance. For this, you will need your personal injury lawyer’s help to prepare the case with proper evidence. Once you have the information you need to sue the dog owner, you can file the claim and receive the rightful compensation after legal proceedings.

Lost Wages

Sometimes, dog attacks in houston on children can restrict parents from going to work. This means they do not receive wages for the days they stay home to look after their child. When you file a claim, your lawyer can help you get compensation for the loss of wages. You may need to provide the required documentation highlighting that you were unable to go to work and did not receive the wages for those days.

Pain and Suffering for a Dog Attack in Houston

Dog attacks in Houston or other city can leave children in trauma and pain for weeks. While medical compensation covers their healthcare needs, there is additional compensation for pain and suffering. Seeking help from a personal injury attorney in Houston can benefit you in this regard. They can help you prepare well for the pain and suffering claims.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages refer to the claims associated with the dog owner. These may include compensations related to a lack of proper dog training, violating the laws related to taking pets out in public, and other negligence on the dog owner’s end. Your lawyer can help you identify the applicable damages in this regard for rightful claims about a Dog Attacks in Houston Accidents.

If a dog bites your child, you can keep the above factors in check to ensure thorough compensation for your child’s injuries and suffering. An important tip is not to take any action on your own. If you need an expert lawyer in Dog Attacks in Houston, Calhoun Meredith can help you. Our law firm is reputable in Texas, for various legal services. Get in touch with us today to discuss your case related to Dog Attacks in Houston accident..

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