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A single accident due to someone else’s negligence can have life-altering consequences for an individual. If you have been involved in a personal injury case, it is your right to seek compensation. At Calhoun Meredith, you can access the aid of personal injury lawyers in Houston, TX, who can build strong cases by thoroughly investigating the incident and gathering evidence to prove fault and liability. Here are the steps they typically take to create a compelling case:

Initial Consultation: This is the first step to building a strong case. The lawyer meets with the injured party to understand the details of the incident and the extent of their injuries. They assess whether there are grounds for a personal injury claim.

Investigation: The attorney conducts a comprehensive investigation of the incident. This may include visiting the accident scene, examining relevant records, obtaining police reports, and interviewing witnesses.

Evidence Gathering: The lawyer collects crucial evidence, such as photographs, surveillance footage, medical records, accident reconstruction reports, and other relevant documents.

Expert Witnesses: Depending on the case's complexity, the attorney may engage expert witnesses, such as accident reconstruction specialists, medical experts, or economists, to provide professional opinions and strengthen their case.

Establishing Negligence: To prove fault, the lawyer must demonstrate that the at-fault party (defendant) acted negligently or recklessly, leading to injuries and damages. This involves demonstrating the other party had a duty of care, but they breached that duty, resulting in damages to the other party.

Comparative Negligence: In Texas, the rule of comparative negligence applies, which means the injured party's compensation amount may be reduced if they are found partially at fault. The lawyer will work to minimize any allegations of comparative negligence.

Calculating Damages:  A qualified personal injury attorney assesses the extent and severity of the injured party's damages, including medical bills, lost income, physical pain, emotional distress, property damage, and related future costs.

Negotiations: Armed with strong evidence and a solid understanding of the case's value, the attorney enters into negotiations with the at-fault party's insurance company or legal representation. They advocate for fair compensation on behalf of their client.

Settlements: If a fair settlement can be reached, the attorney helps negotiate the terms and ensures the injured party receives appropriate compensation immediately.

Trial Preparation: If negotiations do not result in a fair or acceptable settlement, the lawyer prepares the case for trial. This involves organizing evidence, creating legal arguments for the plaintiff, and strategizing the presentation of the case in court.

Trial Representation: In the event the case goes to trial, the attorney presents the evidence, cross-examines witnesses, and argues on behalf of the client before a judge and jury.

Appeals (if applicable): If the trial's outcome is unsatisfactory, the lawyer may explore the possibility of appealing the decision to a higher court.

Access a Personal Injury Lawyer in Houston, TX

Throughout the process, communication with the injured party is vital. A strong attorney-client relationship allows the lawyer to understand their client's needs, concerns, and goals, ensuring the case is built on a foundation that aligns with the client's best interests. By employing these strategies, Houston personal injury lawyers build robust cases that increase their client's chances of a favorable outcome.

If you are seeking a personal injury lawyer in Houston, TX, schedule an appointment with Calhoun Meredith today.

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