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If an Uber driver in Houston causes an accident, victims shouldn't expect the company to take care of them. Instead, it will do everything possible to avoid paying their car repair and medical bills.

It's tough to get fair treatment after any car accident. But when Uber is involved, the situation becomes even more challenging.

That's why Uber victims need expert legal guidance from a qualified Uber accident attorney.

How Uber Complicates Insurance Coverage 

When Uber is involved, there's potentially more than one insurance firm to deal with. First, there's the at-fault driver's insurance company. Second, there's Uber's insurance.

More precisely, Uber has two policies. Only one of them is relevant depending on the circumstances of the accident.

How Uber Avoids Paying Victims

People injured in Uber accidents must initially file a claim against the at-fault driver's insurance company, not Uber. Why?

Uber drivers are contract workers, not employees. So, if an Uber driver causes an accident, the driver's insurance must pay.

Uber's insurance only becomes relevant if and when the driver's policy reaches its limit. 

Legitimate Damages Needing Compensation

A victim's claim could seek compensation for various damages. For example, there may be a need for massive automobile repair.

And there could be extensive medical issues. These could include physical injuries, such as sprains, broken bones, a concussion, or internal bleeding, to name a few. 

But a victim could also seek compensation for non-physical injuries. These might include mental anguish, suffering, and the loss of enjoyment in life. And there's the negative impact the accident could have on a career.

The injuries could cause a loss of income and potential future earnings. For example, after a car accident, someone may no longer be able to perform his job despite having years of education and training.

When Uber's Insurance Pays

If the victim's injuries are minor, perhaps the Uber driver's personal insurance coverage will be enough to cover the damages. However, if the injuries are severe, it's doubtful the driver's personal coverage will pay for all the damages.

A victim could then pursue a lawsuit against the driver for unpaid damages. But it's unlikely that someone working as an Uber driver has personal wealth that could cover expensive medical bills.

That's where Uber's insurance comes in. The victim could seek added compensation from Uber's policy.

But dealing with the insurance company of a huge corporation can be intimidating. That's why it's crucial to have a Houston attorney who has dealt with Uber.

How Uber's Insurance Treats Accident Victims

Uber's insurance company, like any insurance organization, will offer the victim the tiniest possible compensation. Understandably, the insurance company is trying to save money. 

The insurance representative will often try to convince victims to accept the low offer so that they can immediately begin paying their bills. Sadly, without the guidance of a skilled Uber attorney, many victims fall into this trap. 

Choose an Uber Accident Attorney 

Don’t make the same mistake as other victims. Don’t attempt to pursue claims for an Uber accident injury without a talented Uber accident attorney.

Victims need all the compensation that they're due. Medical bills and car repairs are expensive. So Contact Calhoun Meredith to get a successful and experienced Uber attorney who knows how to negotiate an Uber personal injury claim. 

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