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When you're injured in an accident that wasn't your fault, whether due to another driver's negligence or because of something defective in the vehicle itself, you should contact a Houston Texas car accident lawyer as soon as possible to find out what legal options are available to you and your family.

After a car accident, you're likely to be in shock, confusion, and pain. However, what seems like an innocuous incident can have serious repercussions on your life and finances.

Hiring the right Houston Texas car accident lawyer can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. That's where we come in – at Calhoun Meredith, we aim to deliver results that exceed our clients' expectations.

Reasons Why You Should Hire a Houston Texas Car Accident Lawyer

If you were in an accident, you should think about consulting with a Houston Texas car accident lawyer to see if you have any case against the other party or parties involved in the crash scene.

You may have suffered significant injuries from the accident. You'll want to ensure that your medical bills are taken care of and that you receive compensation for lost wages, pain and suffering, and any other losses that occurred due to the accident.

There are several reasons you should hire a Houston Texas car accident lawyer to represent you in your personal injury lawsuit; here are five of them.

  • Explain Your Rights to You

A car accident attorney in Houston will explain your rights to you and how they apply to your specific case. Even if you are unsure if you want to pursue legal action, you should talk with an attorney. This way, they can help clarify your situation and advise you of any potential next steps.

They will be able to tell you what your options are, such as pursuing compensation through mediation or going straight to court with a personal injury lawsuit for compensation.

A lawyer will also review past settlements in similar cases and let you know how they were valued to give you a good idea of where your claim may fall on that spectrum. A good lawyer will also explain your state's laws, including the statute of limitations, which determines how long you have to file your case.

  • A Car Accident Attorney in Houston Will Help You with The Filing of All Legal Documents

Many people who get injured in an accident believe that they can handle everything independently. This may be true for a simple case with minor injuries, where the insurance company doesn't give you any problems. However, insurance companies love to hassle people. If you have a lot of medical bills and missed time from work, and the insurance company is giving you the run-around, a Houston Texas car accident lawyer will help you with all filing of legal documents and may even be able to help prevent your employer from firing you for taking time off work to heal.

Be sure that any injury lawyer you speak with has extensive experience handling personal injury cases because these cases are very complicated and difficult to win without prior experience.

  • Gathering And Collecting of Evidence

A car accident attorney in Houston will help you gather and collect evidence about the accident. Evidence can be in the form of photos, documents, and witness statements. Some of it will be on your person, and some of it will have to be retrieved.

A lawyer knows which evidence is most important and can advise you how best to obtain these pieces of evidence before they are lost or damaged. Gathering and collecting evidence of an accident will help your case because it allows you to show that another party was at fault for the accident or injury.

They can also arrange to retrieve evidence that is not on your person, such as photos or documents about your soft tissue injuries. The sooner these pieces of evidence are gathered, checked, and documented, the better prepared you will be when it comes time for trial or negotiation.

  • A Houston Texas Car Accident Lawyer Will Give You Legal Alternatives

There are many legal alternatives to settling your case outside of court. You will be able to obtain valuable advice and peace of mind, knowing that you have your best interests in mind. A car accident attorney in Houston will help you settle on fair terms while keeping any negative impact on your life at a minimum.

Regardless of whether or not you end up taking further action with your case, hiring an attorney can help ensure that you keep what's yours when it comes to settlement or compensation for damages sustained. As such, consulting with an experienced personal injury lawyer is highly recommended.

  • Calculate And Confirm the Value of Your Personal Injury Claim

An attorney will help you do the math and confirm the value of your personal injury claim. Calculating damages that are applicable to your case can be tricky without a keen eye for detail. A lawyer with experience in personal injury claims will have all the knowledge needed to calculate damages, including economic and non-economical damages.

Things like past and future medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, pain and suffering, and other expenses will need to be calculated to determine how much your claim is worth. An experienced car accident attorney in Houston can help you do all of that.

How To Choose a Car Accident Attorney in Houston

Car accidents are common, but if you've been in one, the last thing you want to do is find yourself in an uphill legal battle that could cost you more than just money.

Instead, you want to hire a high-quality car accident attorney in Houston to guide you through the legal process of recovering your compensatory damages and getting back on your feet again as quickly as possible. But how do you know which car accident attorney in Houston is right for you? Here's how to choose an experienced attorney in Houston, Texas.

  • Ask For Referrals

There are plenty of other people out there who've been in your shoes, and they may know someone who can help. Ask your friends, family members, and colleagues if they have any recommendations. If they don't, ask them to at least think about it so that you can follow up with them later on.

After you've exhausted your list of personal contacts, check online for lawyers in your area. When searching for a lawyer online, use keywords like personal injury attorney or accident attorneys. You can also search by keyword in Google Maps and read through reviews posted by clients.

When looking at reviews, make sure they are recent and don't just focus on one firm over another—but make sure that it isn't solely positive either (you want a well-rounded picture). However, remember that anyone can post anything on the internet, so take any negative reviews with a grain of salt.

  • Pick Experience Over Cost

It's tempting to go with a low-cost lawyer, especially if you're on a budget. After all, lawyers are expensive, right? But your claim is worth more than what it costs to file. When evaluating lawyers, ask about their experience in your particular situation and how often they've worked on cases like yours.

It may cost more upfront but could save you time and money down the road. If a lawyer tries to sell themselves by offering deep discounts, this could be a red flag.

  • Have a Proper Understanding of the Fees

When choosing an experienced Houston Texas car accident lawyer, you want to ensure that they will be affordable and well-suited for your particular case. Read through their website and get an idea of their fees. While many lawyers will offer free consultations, ultimately, you'll need to retain one to file a suit.

Look for lawyers who work on a contingency fee basis. These are cases where they won't get paid unless they win, which means they have every incentive to work hard on your behalf.

If a lawyer doesn't take contingency cases, it could mean that they aren't interested in your case or don't have time for new clients. Either way, that lawyer may not be suitable for you.

  • Avoid Lawyers With Little Experience

Choosing a lawyer with experience will help guarantee a better result when it comes time for your case to be tried in court.

Make sure the lawyer you choose has ample experience in personal injury cases, they will know what types of things you can and cannot be compensated for. They will be able to put together a fair claim for the damages you suffered as a result of the car accident.

  • Conduct a Background Check

One of your first steps should be to perform a background check on your prospective attorney. You'll want to verify that they have experience with personal injury law, have obtained a Texas license, are board-certified in personal injury law, and have not been sued for malpractice.

If any legal actions are pending against them, you may want to consider hiring someone else. Ideally, you're looking for someone who fits your case and needs and has an acceptable rate. It may also be a good idea to visit their law office to meet in person.

How Much Does a Houston Texas Car Accident Lawyer Cost?

Cases involving car accidents and personal injury can be complex and expensive, especially if the matter goes to court.

If you have been involved in an accident and are thinking about hiring a lawyer, you may be wondering what the average cost of a car accident attorney in Houston would be and whether or not you can afford one.

Most car accident lawyers charge a fee between 33.33% and 40%, depending on the complexity of the case and whether or not your case has to go to trial. They will take this fee out of the recovered settlement so it doesn't come directly out of your pocket. Other attorneys charge either an hourly fee or a flat fee, which will vary by attorney.

However, if you're involved in a high-profile case (e.g., your injuries are serious and it makes the news), fees are more likely to be charged to hourly. This is something that has to be discussed with your attorney.

How much does it cost to hire a Houston Texas car accident lawyer? It all depends on the amount of work that needs to be done and the level of experience of the attorney you choose, but typically the fee will be a percentage of your settlement amount.

Regardless of how much the lawyer fees are, there are two main ways to settle the legal costs. These are:

  • Conventional Fee Arrangements

Some lawyers may charge a one-time fee in a conventional fee arrangement. The money is paid out upfront, and it covers all attorney costs, including investigation, legal work, and sometimes other related pocket expenses like medical expenses.

The fee arrangement means no hassles about payment during or after a case is settled, but it also means that paying more upfront can mean paying less over time because you may end up paying fewer fees overall.

The big issue with conventional fee arrangements is that they don't consider anything regarding your case – like how long it takes to settle or what kind of recovery you might get from car insurance companies. That's why many attorneys now require some sort of retainer or work-up fee before they agree to represent anyone.

  • Contingency Fee Arrangements

In this situation, once you've retained a lawyer they don't get paid unless your case is successful. This means their fee arrangement is contingent upon winning your case; so they don't get paid if you lose. Many personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee because it allows them to help people who don't have money to pay legal fees out-of-pocket. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to contingency fee arrangements and car accident lawyers.

For example, the fee isn't usually a flat rate for each hour worked; it's taken as a percentage of your settlement or award amount (or even an hourly rate). Car accident lawyers will often take between 25% and 40% of any settlement or court award that you receive from your auto insurance company or the liable party.

The contingency basis may be negotiable, depending on how high-profile or difficult your case is expected to be and the individual attorney.

Five Incidents When You Should Consider Hiring a Car Accident Attorney in Houston

No one ever expects to be involved in an auto accident, but you'll want to make sure that your rights are protected when it happens.

While many situations may not require an attorney, you might want one to protect your rights and entitlements in some cases. Here are five situations where an attorney can be helpful.

  • In The Case of Compensation Disputes with The Insurance Company

If you've experienced an accident, your insurance company will usually pay for the damage to your car. But what happens when you feel like they're not covering enough of the cost, or they deny your claim completely? This can be difficult to navigate on your own if you don't have legal knowledge.

Maybe it looks like the accident was partially your fault, or maybe there were extenuating circumstances that aren't being taken into account.

What do you do? If you find yourself in the situation, consider hiring a car accident attorney in Houston who can help settle with the insurance company on your behalf. You can be sure they know all the ins and outs and have dealt with similar situations.

Keep in mind that it doesn't hurt to get advice from a professional when it comes to compensation disputes with the insurance company. No need to go at it alone!

  • If You're Severely Hurt

If you suffered serious injuries in an accident, you should contact an attorney. There are four things that are essential when looking for an accident lawyer: credentials, experience, cost, and approach.

Many lawyers have many different strengths that can make choosing one difficult. When you are the injured party in an auto accident, always make sure to get a qualified attorney who is not only knowledgeable but who has helped people like you before.

It can help you sleep better at night knowing someone is working hard on your behalf to secure your rights after such a traumatizing event.

  • If The Accident Results in Property Damage

Not all car accidents cause enough damage to be covered by basic auto insurance. The cost of repairing or replacing property damaged in a car accident may exceed the threshold required by the state (most states have a maximum amount per incident).

It may make sense to hire a lawyer to help mediate in these cases. As with any other legal issue or legal service provider, it's important to do your research and ask friends and colleagues for recommendations.

However, keep in mind that many car accident attorneys specialize in personal injury and don't handle cases where there were no injuries. If you have such a case, try searching specifically for a property damage attorney.

  • If Your Injury Will Negatively Affect Your Job

If you're lucky, your injury won't have a negative impact on your job. You might not even need an attorney in such a case. If you are worried about how an injury will affect your employment—and if that could negatively affect your family—consider hiring a Houston Texas car accident lawyer that has experience with these types of cases.

Also, look for an attorney to help you deal with insurance companies and negotiate better rates and policies. Even if you choose to go through workers' compensation to get benefits, having an auto accident lawyer is a good idea because those benefits may be lower than what you deserve after a catastrophic injury caused by someone else's negligence.

  • If You Are Being Wrongly Accused of Causing an Accident

Many people are quick to assign blame after an accident. A simple rear-end collision can quickly devolve into multiple accusations of either the at-fault driver or the passengers

If you are being wrongly accused of causing an accident, you need an accident lawyer to help resolve your legal matters in court. This does not mean you will be absolved of any wrongdoing, but it does protect you from undue blame for causing an accident.

You may also find that you have coverage under another party's insurance policy if they were at fault. Contacting an attorney is always a good idea if you are unsure of how to proceed after an accident or who was at fault.

Pillars Of a Strong Car Accident Injury Claim

Car accidents happen every day in the United States, but most accidents are minor and don't result in any significant physical injuries or damages. However, when you're involved in an accident that results in major injuries, you may be entitled to compensation from the at-fault driver or their insurance representative.

The value of your insurance claim depends on what legal action you take and how thoroughly you document your injuries; there are five pillars you should consider when pursuing the claims process following a car accident injury claim.

  • Significant Property Damage

If you've been involved in a car accident, it is important to seek legal advice quickly. Injuries are not limited to those who are physically in an accident—you may be dealing with significant repair bills for your vehicle.

Minor damage to your vehicle may be worth a thousand dollars; however, if there is significant property damage, your claim could be worth a lot more. This means that if your car was totaled, you have a much stronger case and could get more money out of it.

If serious damage was done to other property like trees and fences around you (and a professional verified it), that would considerably strengthen your case.

  • Need For Immediate Medical Treatment and Care

Seeking immediate medical treatment and care following a car accident is one of several steps you should take when trying to make a strong car accident injury claim. Immediate medical treatment and care help document your injuries and any harm you may have suffered as a result of your collision.

In some cases, seeking immediate medical attention can help you obtain more extensive or longer-lasting recovery options down the road.

However, there are different opinions on whether taking these steps will increase your chances of a higher award amount in court; it's ultimately up to your personal circumstances (and preferences) to decide how much it's worth for you to seek immediate medical attention like physical therapy after an accident.

  • Permanent Injury

If you've suffered a permanent injury as a result of a car accident, your personal injury attorney will tell you that this makes your case stronger than it would be if you were recovering from an acute injury. However, they'll also tell you that it doesn't guarantee success.

Because some permanent injuries are more serious than others, knowing how your medical costs and medical records may impact your claim is important.

A surgeon who says that knee replacement is necessary after an auto accident may strengthen a car accident claim, but so will an orthopedic doctor who says reconstruction surgery is required for both knees.

  • Consistent and Continuous Medical Treatment and Care

When you are seriously injured in a car accident, you will want to ensure that you receive consistent and continuous medical treatment and care like physical therapy. A strong car accident injury claim relies on your treating doctor's opinion of how long you are likely to need treatment.

If your treating doctor makes such a prognosis, then an insurance adjuster can't try to deny a large settlement just because your condition improves over a period of time as it normally would with successful treatment

Also, if there is any question regarding whether an insurance company should pay on an injury claim, they will also want documented proof that proves ongoing and continual medical treatment from day one after a serious car accident injury until recovery.

  • Clear Liability

Car accident claims are much stronger when one person is obviously at fault. If you were cut off, and a truck driver hit you from behind, or if another driver veered into your lane without signaling, then it's clear that they're at fault for your injuries.

Even though it's not easy to admit that you were the responsible party in any way for a car accident, you should always be truthful with your attorney about what happened.

Even if someone made a mistake that ultimately caused your injury, as long as you were not primarily at fault for what happened, your car accident claim should still be valid—but only up to a certain point.

  • Loss Of Income as a Result of the Accident

If you can demonstrate that your injury has prevented you from working, that loss of income will be a key factor in determining what your car accident injury claim is worth.

The amount of money you may be awarded will generally be based on your past earnings and take into account any permanent impairment or disability from your injuries. In general, most people who suffer catastrophic injuries (meaning an injury that leads to death or a permanent disability) will receive more money than someone who suffers a less serious injury and is expected to recover.

This is important to consider when pursuing car accident compensation because if you don't end up having permanent physical impairments as a result of your bodily injuries, then it is less likely that you will obtain punitive damages for pain and suffering.

Types Of Car Accidents That Warrant Having a Houston Texas Car Accident Lawyer

No matter what kind of car accident you are involved in, you want to do everything possible to protect yourself and your family's financial future.

However, there are certain kinds of car accidents like drunk driving accidents that should always be handled by a lawyer if at all possible. After all, having legal representation can help you obtain the maximum compensation that you may not be able to get on your own. Here are the five common types of car accidents that will likely benefit from the services of an attorney.

  • Head-On Collisions

If an aggressive or reckless distracted driver has caused your head-on collision, it is recommended that you hire a lawyer. Head-on collisions are generally considered more severe than other types of accidents such as a side-swipe.

If you have sustained severe injuries as a result of another driver's negligence and inattention, you should consult with an attorney who is qualified in car accident cases to determine whether or not you are eligible for financial compensation.

Your lawyer will help prepare and negotiate fair settlement deals with insurers and can offer advice about how to collect punitive damages for your injuries. In some instances, particularly if there is substantial damage, your case may be better suited for litigation.

  • Hit And Run Accident

Hit-and-run car accidents can be tricky for accident victims to navigate. It's often tough to collect evidence and find witnesses; it's also hard to prove intent.

Additionally, personal injury claims are often more complex than other civil cases—you need professional opinions from doctors, notaries, and accident reconstruction specialists (among others), which can complicate legal battles for everyone involved.

If you've been involved in a hit-and-run vehicle accident, talk with an attorney about your rights and options before doing anything else. The more comprehensive information you have on your side early on, the better off you will be later on.

  • Left Turn Accidents

Cars making left turns are especially dangerous and often cause accidents. The problem is that many drivers either don't realize they have to give up their lane, or they aren't paying attention to other vehicles around them.

If you get hit by someone on your left, contact an auto accident lawyer as soon as possible. You might not be able to collect for any injuries sustained in car accidents, but you will want maximum compensation for medical expenses and any additional vehicle damage.

Your car accident attorney in Houston can advise you on whether you need personal injury protection coverage from your insurance adjusters, which can cover those costs even if it wasn't clear who was at fault for the crash.

  • Rear-End Accidents

If you've never been in an accident before, it can be hard to know what to do. Rear-end collisions are especially tricky because they are easy to miss, and there's no way to predict when they'll happen. This makes it difficult for drivers to plan and have their information ready if they're ever in an accident

If you've had one that wasn't your fault, ensure you're fully prepared by having all your documentation in order. Take pictures of the damage on both vehicles and witness names and contact information so that you can get all your ducks in a row if needed at the accident scene. In a proper setting, the police should handle this part of taking the accident report.

For peace of mind after such an experience, make sure you call a lawyer who can advise you further on how best to move forward.

  • T-Bone Accidents

In T-bone collisions, also known as right-angle crashes, one vehicle drives into the side of another vehicle, causing damage to both. The side of your car will take most of the impact in these accidents; if you're lucky enough to walk away with only minor injuries, it's still worth hiring an attorney.

That's because you may be able to recover damages from any other party who contributed to your accident—such as people who failed to yield or stop at intersections.

It is also important that you look into legal representation if there were no witnesses and you aren't sure whether anyone else is at fault for your accident. Having an attorney fight for your rights can help ensure that someone else doesn't take advantage of you.


If you have been injured in an accident, and it was someone else's fault, your car insurance will likely cover most of your medical expenses and property damage costs.

But to receive these benefits, you need to report your claim immediately after the accident and provide evidence of injuries (including photographs). To effectively do this, you need proper representation, and that is where auto accident attorneys come in.

At Calhoun Meredith, we are driven, knowledgeable and experienced. We know how an accident impacts your life and are committed to helping you make a full recovery after a car accident or any other type of personal injury.

Since we opened our doors, we have been helping families recover from devastating injuries caused by car accidents. If you've been injured in an accident, talk with our law firm today. Contact us at 855-664-0273.

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